Sata 卡芮莎

     My time studying with NUU in Miaoli was a really wonderful experience. Every teacher that I had during my time there had a unique approach to teaching Chinese, and yet what they all shared enthusiasm and great encouragement. I tried a few classes and universities around Taiwan before I found NUU. What made me so happy with NUU was the friendly environment and that it was so accommodating to different learning styles. The lessons felt tailored to the students. For me, it broke away from a wrote-learning style of teaching and focused more on conversation. I learnt so much, and at a faster pace without feeling stressed. I really recommend NUU to anyone interested in learning Chinese in Taiwan. I finished all six textbooks, passed my TOCFL exam, and made a lot of great friends along the way! Thank you so much to all of my teachers, and especially to Ann at the office, who was very supportive, friendly, and planned many fun days out for us each semester! I will always look back so happily on my time there :)

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