Lee Kim Heong 李金熊

     I am an English educated retiree from Malaysia and it has been my fervent wish to learn the Chinese Language after my retirement.  “活到老,学到老” certainly hold true for me. When the opportunity to study in Taiwan arose, I had already in mind where I wanted to study.  For me, a not too cosmopolitan city steeped in local culture, a place with mountain and sea and a little sheltered from the vagaries of mother nature and here I am, studying at the Chinese Language Centre, National United University in Miaoli County.

     My first two months here have been simply beyond my expectations. A serene study environment, dedicated and helpful administrative as well as teaching staff and lessons interspersed with understanding of local cultures and traditions have made my trip here even more meaningful under the current raging Covid-19 pandemic. “學如登山”remains an inspiration for my Chinese study.

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